Candidates for space tourists are in Russia medical examination

The group of applicants for a trip into space undergoes a medical examination at the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The specialists of the Institute said that, unlike the 61-year-old Dennis Tito, these people are young or middle age. Future space tourists are highly qualified professionals in various fields.

However, while the Institute declined to reveal the names of the candidates for space flight, information about the nationality, profession and their health, citing the confidentiality of such information, reports “Interfax”.

The Institute noted that the applicants intend during spaceflight, if such takes place, to perform its scientific program.

Meanwhile, press Secretary of the head of the Russian aviation and space Agency Sergei Gorbunov stressed on Wednesday that we are not talking about some kind of chart of the inclusion of tourists in the Russian crews to fly to the International space station. No contracts signed, no specific proposals to Rosaviakosmos from these persons were received, he said.

And today, as head of CPC. Gagarin Petr Klimuk said that the famous American Director, author of movie “Titanic” Jamescameron until he started training at the Russian Centre of cosmonaut training for flight on the Russian spacecraft to the International space station.

Klimuk, according to “Interfax”, has not confirmed widespread Western media information about allegedly begun training Director in Russia. According to him, while no plans are in the centre no, because legal documents were not received. A year ago James Cameron was negotiating the flight on station “the World” and even got admission to medical training. According to Klimuk, “in all probability, currently the conversation is about the flight on the personal level, Cameron’s plans”.

Previously Director of the IMBP academician Anatoly Grigoriev confirmed that among Megatron held a year ago was an American film Director, world famous, in particular, on the films “Terminator” and “Titanic”, James Cameron. However, under the terms of the signed contract with him IBMP has no right to disclose any details of the work.

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