Cosmonaut held in Tula space debate

On cosmonautics Day, the students gathered in the TSU to discuss the most interesting “star” questions.

On the agenda of these debates were three interesting topics: “Space tourism” “Space debris” and “give a star from the sky”. All the “pros” and “cons” emotionally discussed two teams from the main universities: the University and the Tomsk state pedagogical University.

Leading the debate was inhabitant of Tula Sergey Zaletin, pilot-cosmonaut and hero of Russia. At the beginning of the meeting, he noted that the conquest of space means a lot to the Tula region:

Of the 85 regions of our country was only 120 astronauts and four of them – from the Tula region: Yevgeny Khrunov, Valery Polyakov, Nikolai Tikhonov and me. Tikhonov is the youngest of us, and in flight he is only going two years later.

I noticed an interesting pattern: Polyakov 71 years old, I’m 51, 31 Tikhonov, probably, somewhere on the Tula earth future astronaut growing up, by my calculations, he should now be 11 years old.

The famous cosmonaut promised to give presents to all distinguished themselves in the debate, and the most talented to give a tour of Space city.

The passion behind the bleachers flared. On the topic of space tourism shone Polytech: the third-year Anastasia Alekseeva and her teammate Maxim Minden convinced the audience and strogili that soon space travel will drop significantly: from $ 30 million to 200-300 thousand $ as it will have a new roomy and economical ships.

Anastasia Alekseeva and Maxim Minden

Opponents Nastya and Maxim, trying to prove the futility of space tourism, calling it a whim of millionaires. Not only that, the space tourists only take on ships in place of these scientists, and put their lives in great peril, as you never know how this trip could affect human health. But their arguments did not impress the judges who, apparently, still has not given up childhood dreams of flying to the stars.

But in the subject “Space debris”, by contrast, won command of TSPU them. L. N. Tolstoy. And they did it very cleverly: while the team of Talhouk talked about the destruction of the old stations and satellites flying in earth orbit, future teachers simply changed the subject to more mundane – in the truest sense of the word. Bethan Lloyd and Michael Shuhovtsev spoke about ecology and about the garbage on the planet, not above it.

Bethan Lloyd and Michael Shuhovtsev

The last topic is about the stars in the present – has caused the most heated debate: still, after all she was not so much about space, but about love.

A team of pedagogical University have proven that giving certificates at the stars – it’s insanely romantic and that after this gift the person will start to get involved with astronomy, because he will look for his star. In addition, the demand for such gifts will spur scientists to the discovery of new and new stars.

Romantics from the Tomsk state pedagogical University supported the Belief Kiryunina, General Director of “Sloboda”:

Faith Kiryunina

It seems to me that any girl would be pleased to hear from the beloved “Beloved, I am for you all ready, even to give you a star from the sky” than, for example, “I want to give you the diamonds”.

Vera Alexandrovna supported and cosmonaut Sergei Zaletin. He admitted that he would like to have a star as a gift.

But a pragmatic policehouse was proven that the star is a useless gift that cannot be touched, and you can see only at night, and not fact – suddenly a star, you give a loved one, only visible from Africa.

Sergey Zaletin

The jury was unable to decide which team won this round, so the debate was agatopol was declared a draw.

Julia Maryasova, Deputy Governor of the Tula region:

Julia Maryasova

Guys must learn to discuss interesting non-trivial topics that are important for our country. Now, perhaps, only in the jokes remained the topic “I want to be an astronaut”, which is wrong. This is our achievement, we should be proud of it and strive for it. The youth must again receive this high dream, and the debate is the first step. Well done guys, they are well prepared, it was really interesting to listen to them.

By the way, Yuliya admitted that she is hardly happy with the “star in a gift”: she’s a rational person and don’t see the point of such acquisition.

Becoming an astronaut is difficult, but possible

The crew of the spaceship Soyuz TMA-1. Left to right: Yuri Lonchakov, Sergei Zaletin (captain) and Frank De Winne

Sergey Zaletin told, who take into astronauts. It turned out that not only health should be excellent, but the reputation. Cosmonaut – an example to follow, so the triples in the diploma in space will not be allowed. And another contender for a place in a space ship must have experience of working in a technical profession, preferably in aviation or Astronautics.

But there is bad news: the ranks of astronauts happen every 5-7 years, they take on average 5-7 people, that is, one astronaut a year from all over the country.

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