In 2014 space tourism will become free

But only 25 people winning perfume brand AXE

International perfumery and hygiene brand “AKS” (AXE) announced the launch of a global campaign, during which there will be a selection of candidates for space flight on the ship the American company Space Expedition Corporation (Space XC), the Agency reports ITAR-TASS. For 25 people, selected to participate in the international space program launched AXE in conjunction with Space XC, which since 2008, specializes in projects related to space tourism, space flight, scheduled for the first quarter of 2014, will be completely free.

To date, the last (as the astronauts, “extreme”) is a space tourist canadian billionaire and founder of world famous Cirque du Soleil, guy laliberté, who in the autumn of 2009 on the Russian ship “the Union” took part in the expedition to the International space station (ISS). Ticket to space “round-trip” cost him $ 35 million. Since the first successful flight of a tourist wishing to see the space is steadily increasing. Grows and the cost of this tour: starting in 2001, when in outer space, visited the first “Amateur” – the American businessman Dennis Tito, the fare has doubled – from 20 to 40 million dollars.

According to the organizers, the program consists of different stages: this is a local selection of candidates in 70 countries, which will be held from January 10 to April 12 this year, and training for the selected candidates at International space Academy (MCA) in the U.S. city of Orlando, Florida. During the entire three weeks future space tourists will undergo various tests, including tests on simulators and centrifuges, which are used for training NASA astronauts.

Curator of the training center ICA in the framework of this project will be the legendary American astronaut Edwin “buzz” Aldrin – the second after Neil Armstrong man set foot on the moon on 21 July 1969.

“Competitive selection will show what man is capable of. Let’s start simple: flying in a jet plane at speeds greater than the speed of sound, which means overload in zero gravity. Or, for example, a test on a centrifuge with a six-times overload on a limit of human possibilities,” says 82-year-old veteran of the cosmic movement.

“Uleti guy, come back a hero” – the motto of this campaign.

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