Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar system

The planets and moons in orbit of the Sun

The largest planet in the Solar system. this is a Jupiter belonging to the class of gas giants. Ancient astronomers were able to detect and assign a very unusual name this planet. Named in honor of one of the most revered Roman gods, Jupiter is not in vain was honored to be the namesake of the thunder gods. For large-scale weather events, continuously produced in the atmosphere of the giant, strength and scale can outdo the deeds of the most powerful gods! Imagine the worst stormy weather on our planet. And now imagine the same thing, but only 10 times more intense and more powerful. These horrific lightning strikes, as if the gods went crazy and wants to destroy everything. Wild, wild the storm that engulfs everything in its path, and sometimes of centuries.

Jupiter is not alone in its orbit, having 67 different dimensions of the satellites. Like any ordinary giant planet has attracted much attention of scientists. A lot of research spacecraft was sent to Jupiter during the long years of study. Periodically, during the great opposition, Jupiter looks like the brightest star in the heavens. In this period of time activates the monitoring planeteurodisco ground-based and orbiting telescopes.

The most surprising and pleasant at the same time is that Jupiter is a failed star. If the mass of the planet a bit more, sure there would be compression, in which stood out would be an incredible amount of energy. In other words, Jupiter would become a star, with all the shockingly disastrous consequences.

Is there life on Jupiter? Unlikely. In any case, not on the surface of the gas giant. Common skepticism about the existence of life on Jupiter, slightly diluted encouraging progressive views of individual scientists. Some of them have put forward the hypothesis about the existence of life in the planet’s atmosphere. Even if not reasonable, (though, you never know!) even if not in the form in which we can imagine life. But still, not great, but the perspective to detect the existence of life on Jupiter, all the same there.

His middle name is a gas giant, Jupiter got an ulterior motive. Structured layers of gas, steam and lack of strength, and that’s Jupiter. Except that and a solid on the planet, so it’s frozen gases turned into ice. Quite small relative to the mass of the planet’s stone core. Like a tiny grain, hidden in the middle of ripe, juicy fruit.

Jupiter is very windy. Due to significant temperature gradient in the atmosphere is rather comprehensive, there are constantly emerging storms, cyclones and hurricanes. Gusts of wind reaching Jupiter six hundred miles an hour!

Many kilometers in the atmosphere of Jupiter are continuous processes of mixing gases, when hot gas rises into the upper layer, mixing and nucleating kilometers of flowing streams, turbulence and vortices. To some extent, the processes occurring in the gas giant’s atmosphere is akin to processes occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere .

Watching through a telescope, you can discover what Jupiter looks striped, like a mattress. Hypotheses according to the scientists, this “banding”is caused by vortical flows in the planet’s atmosphere. In such a massive atmosphere, there is a unique meteorological processes that cause irrational behavior of air masses. As a result of which are formed air flow the variety of colors and configurations.

For many decades, even centuries, on the surface of Jupiter can be distinguished two remarkable region. This is a large and small red spots. To examine sufficiently their has not yet succeeded. And moving on the surface of the planet these giants is puzzling experts. There are many hypotheses. But definitive answers yet.

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