NASA will create a housing module for flight on the Mars

Flight to the Red planet – the most ambitious project of the American space Agency. Meanwhile, he raises a number of issues. Among them – long stay onboard the ship during the flight to Mars that will take at least six months. Note that the diameter of the ship Orion, which NASA astronauts will fly to Mars, comparable to the length of the van.

One of the solutions to the problem of providing astronauts the US more volume on Board. The private rooms, space for physical offices – these and more should ideally be on Board the “Mars” ship. To solve these issues will help manned module connected to the Orion unit. It is assumed that the docking will be performed in space. However, about the appearance and the capabilities of the module it is for certain not known.

But it turned out. what NASA intends to spend on its development 55 million. (some of these funds have already been allocated to developers). In this case a working prototype could be ready in 2018. Then, in 2020-ies, the module will be tested near the moon. And only in 2030-ies something similar will be tested in real conditions during the flight to the Red planet. Note that the flight itself will be (if will be) is not before this time.

Among the difficulties that may face the creators of a dwelling unit, the requirement to maintain light weight with good protection of on Board people from comicscharacter. In this case, as already noted, will need to ensure that even NASA astronauts and high comfort.

The spaceship and the residential unit

But which companies can be useful the American space Agency? Experts, first of all, talk about Bigelow Aerospace – a private company involved in space tourism. It is developing inflatable space modules, and in addition, is working on a private project of the orbital station, consisting of them. In the latter it is expected will be inflatable elements Sundancer and BA 330. It is reported that within the concept of residential unit NASA has allocated funding companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Orbital ATK. Now they must develop design.

The device “Orion” multipurpose is a partially reusable spacecraft. Its weight is 25 tons. The crew (when flying to the moon) can come in four astronauts. The first test launch was made in 2014 and the first manned flight will be made no earlier than 2021.

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