Scientists warn that sex in space is dangerous for health

Future space tourists are already thinking about what it would be like to have sex in zero gravity. However, scientists hasten to cool the ardor of the lovers: sex in space could harm the health.

Future space tourists are already thinking about what it would be like to have sex in a vacuum. However, scientists hasten to cool the ardor of lovers.

According to biologists, to conceive a child in extraterrestrial environments will most likely not succeed. Space hostile to earthly love, the scientists shrug. Moreover, they say that sex in space could cause irreparable harm to human health. These words are confirmed experimentally. However, I was involved in a potentially dangerous study not people, and plants.

Their cells are damaged when the gravity changes, proved the researchers. In particular, when too high or too low gravity to the negative impact of exposed pollen tube is the vegetative cell of the male zarostka in flowering plants. Gravitational changes are not the best way affect its development and functioning.

In addition, the space environment is threatened intracellular circulation of the plant. This leads to the fact that aspiring to grow in the cell is broken processstatement the cell membrane. According to scientists, the results of these studies can easily be applied to the human body, for which intracellular circulation also plays a very important role.

It has long been proven that prolonged exposure to weightlessness is bad for brain activity and its reproductive functions. Moreover, the longer an astronaut will be exposed to sudden changes of gravity, the higher the risk of developing such deadly diseases as Alzheimer’s or cancer.

Earlier in the press there were rumors that Soviet cosmonauts while on orbit, had sex with their American counterparts and even tried to conceive a child in space, but NASA management this information is actively refutes.

But plans to send into space a pornographic actress nobody hides. Space tourism was about to become a adult film star Coco brown. 34-year-old actress is already actively engaged in preparations for the flight. However, the usual work in zero gravity it will not be engaged: according to Coco brown, in such conditions it is difficult to control your body.

“People need to learn more about how that works in zero gravity, before removing porn out there,” said she.

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