Soon everyone will fly into space

Long-standing plans by British billionaire Richard Branson about the organization of space flights is nearing realization. Recently, the head of the Virgin group of companies presented the public with aircraft with a rocket engine called SpaceShipTwo, which will be used for commercial flights into space.

“I know that there are literally thousands wanting to be in space to be able to look out the window, admiring the beautiful Land,” — said the billionaire. At the presentation of SpaceShipTwo in California, he said, dreamed of going into space since then, as seen on TV landing on the moon. Presents the aircraft will undergo tests over the next 18 months, before the first tourists will be able to take a short excursion outside the Earth’s atmosphere. About three hundred people have already applied for the flight is $200 thousand during the six minutes of weightlessness.

SpaceShipTwo, built from lightweight composite materials based on carbon and is equipped with a rocket engine on a hybrid fuel. The basis for its development was the project SpaceShipOne — aircraft, lifting into the air booster. He became the world’s first private space ship and made a series of flights in 2004, reports the BBC .

SpaceShipTwo is two times larger than its predecessor and reaches 18 metres in length. In addition, Rasail one pilot and the ballast equivalent to the weight of the two passengers, the new plane can carry two crew members and six passengers. “With the help of our company Virgin Galactic commercial space transportation, we could have done about a thousand people “astronauts” for the first year,” said Branson.

Another innovative company of The Galactic Suite Space Resort . based in Barcelona, by 2012 plans to open the first space hotel. Three nights in this hotel will cost the tourists $4.4 million, which include an eight-day training before the flight. Hotel accommodation already booked 43.

During your space journey, you will be able to see the sunrise 15 times a day, making a trip around the world in 80 minutes. Every guest will give a suit with special “sticky” for ease of movement on the walls.

Flight to the space hotel Galactic Suite will last a day and a half. Immediately after the launch of the hotel will be able to take only three people. In the fourth room will accommodate the staff and technical specialists. Later the number of rooms will increase to 22.

Member of the Board of Directors of the company “Yandex” Esther Dyson . investing in space startups, believes that in 10-15 years space tourism will become as available as the flight from Moscow to new York. She is sure that space tourists does not necessarily have to pay $40 million for the opportunity to join the great. But the availability of flights, she said, does not depend on the leaders of spacefaring Nations, and from private investors.

“One of the problems of the world space program is that both Russians and Americans too afraid to make mistakes. They are little experimenting, not trying to find a way to make flight cheap. The reason is that they have no opportunity to make mistakes, which you can learn from. That’s why “private space”, supported by investors, has an advantage over “public space”, which is financed by the state,” — said the investor.

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