Space tourism

“Look at the Earth from space” — many believe this is his dream, and I want to say that it is real. For this you will need some kind of billion. And before you the most exclusive in the world tour. Of course, tours offer only a couple of times a year and extensive training is needed, but in any case should not stop the applicant unreal adventures.

So, let’s go directly on the tour:

Space tourists go to the destination to the manned Soyuz spacecraft. Not to say that you will fly in comfort, but to the very door of the “hotel”. The flight will take approximately 6-7 hours, but the road back is shorter by almost 2 times.

Also there is another way – it is suborbital flights. You climb to a height of about 100 km 5-6 minutes of weightlessness and back to Earth. It’s not as interesting as a few days, for example, on the ISS, but still exciting and also much cheaper. The price hovers around one million rubles. Agree – it is significantly different from full-fledged space flight.

But let’s get back to it.

So, after you lift into space “the Union”, you will be meeting with the ISS. This all-in-one for space tourists: a hotel and a restaurant, and attraction. In the ISS program involves 15 countries,some of them have their own individual modules in the station.

There are all necessary life-support systems man in the station, power plant, private cabins, although the size is more reminiscent of a shallow Cabinet, kitchen and dining room in one and a toilet — really, only one. The advantages include the lack of mosquitoes, mice and other living creatures, as well as prior acquaintance and almost a half year communicating with neighbors.

Flight experience in space is the main reason why many are willing to part with a tidy sum and go through serious physical training. First impressions of Earth floating in starry black, and astronauts, and space travelers unanimously describe as delight, euphoria. Whether it’s a two-hour suborbital flight or a multi-day journey to the International space station, every moment spent in the space will be filled with many unique experiences that you haven’t had a chance to experience.

I want to say that space tourism is only the beginnig of its development and in this direction there is still a long and thorny path that lies ahead.

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