SPACECRAFT ( SC ) is a technical device used to perform a variety of tasks in space. as well as conducting research and other works on the surface of various celestial bodies. Means of delivery of spacecraft into orbit serve as launch vehicles or aircraft .

Spacecraft, one of the main objectives of which is to transport people or equipment in the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere — the so-called near space. also called “Space aircraft” ( CLA ).

The use of spacecraft to determine their separation in the following groups:

suborbital SPACECRAFT ;

earth orbital SPACECRAFT . moving on geocentric orbits of artificial satellites ;

interplanetary (expeditionary) SC ;

napolnenie KA .

It is also customary to distinguish between automatic and manned spacecraft. To manned spacecraft, in particular include all types of manned spacecraft and orbital space stations. (Despite the fact that modern space station make its flight into the field of near space, and technically can be called ” Space aircraft “, in the tradition, they are called ” spacecraft “.)

The name “Space vehicle” INOGATE is used to indicate an active (i.e., maneuvering) satellites. to emphasize their differences from passive satellites. In most cases the meaning of the terms “Space vehicle” and “spacecraft” are used interchangeably and cinnaminic.

In an actively studied in recent projects of creation of hypersonic vehicles often use another similar name of “aerospace vehicles” ( WAC ), indicating, therefore, the tools are designed to perform a powered flight in airless outer space, and in a dense atmosphere of the Earth.

In 2005 there were 55 launches of space vehicles (of the models was more, because one run can be output to several devices). The share of Russia had 26 starts. The number of commercial launches was 18.

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