Sport in space begins with a football in zero gravity

So, according to the company, Space Island Group, might look like orbiting the stadium. The game tourists in the ball channels could broadcast live .

Weightless — what is not a reason to invent a whole new class of sports? After all, space sports of one type or another, more than likely. Especially due to the rapid development of the private aerospace business and the increased number of space tourists. Is it any wonder that competition in zero-gravity invented today?

If we talk about professional cosmonauts or astronauts, sports games in orbit for them is obvious. Given the fact that in the future the crews of the expand, and the missions will be very long, like missions to the moon or Mars.

A peaceful “battle” with each other under conditions of zero gravity could help space travelers not only to diversify the flight, but also to maintain health, physical and mental. But for space tourists sport in space can be a great added attraction.

All this is already pondering several private companies. For example, a Florida based Corporation Zero-Gravity(ZERO-G), which on the Boeing 727-200 provides its thrill-seeking customers the conversations microgravity.

The CEO of this Corporation Peter Diamandis (Peter Diamandis), who is also the founder and Director of the X PRIZE. said that a lot of people and companies already have lots of ideas for space sports. And Diamandis is convinced that “wrestling in zero gravity” will be “great fun”.

Moreover, customers ZERO-G had once played on Board of the aircraft performing maneuvers in a ball, and — “weightless” exercises and fashion shows.

Astronaut John Blaha (John Blaha) with a toy soccer ball represents goalie aboard the Shuttle Discovery (Photo NASA/JSC).

“Last fall, ZERO-G participated in the second season of the TV show Biggest Looser. And the producers came up with a competition in which the teams had to collect colored plastic balls, floating in space. It was a very successful event, very spectacular,” says Diamandis.

The idea of microgravity sports with bears and rocky Persaud (Rocky Persaud), President of the canadian company, IPX Entertainment. His plans are to create a reality show called “Space Champions” (“Space Champions”).

“Our new sport we called “Paraball” is short for parabolic football (Parabolic Football), explains Persaud, is the game actually bears little resemblance to football, since the rules are quite different, but the name remains”.

“Paraball”, according to Persona, appeared by crossing several kinds of sports, but has a lot of “unique aspects”.

“The international parabolic sports League (International Parabolic Sports League — IPSL), which I’m going to organize with seven teams from USA and one from Toronto, initially will hold all of the games in Las Vegas, Nevada airport, adds the President of IPX. But we are going to away games, when ZERO-G will be able to steer your plane through many cities, in accordance with the game League seasons”.

Customers of the Corporation ZERO-G, we’re playing some “lightweight” games, but this is not yet the space sports

As expected, the show “Space Champions” will be a platform for training and selection of the “best athletes of zero gravity” in order to nailing eight original teams.

A few years later, maybe 6 or 7, a kind of “stadiums orbital” space hotels can be Robert Bigelow (Robert Bigelow). They would be able to host participants and guests of this League championship.

“And then, gradually, the whole League could go to the games in orbit — dreams Period. — Although in this case we are guaranteed to have to change the name to “Interplanetary sports League”, smiles the head IPX — luckily, we should not wait until we would be allowed to compete in the space. We can already start training on the aircraft”.

Another passionate fan of space sports is a Japanese Professor of Economics at AZABU University (Azabu University ) Patrick Collins (Patrick Collins). He believes that competition in space will be a great incentive for engineers and other professionals.

“Swimming pool” in zero gravity. Swimmers compete in zero gravity .

For example, due to space sports people learn to collect large and affordable structures in orbit. In addition, passenger transportation in space will be cheaper and games will help to attract generous investment.

Together with colleagues Collins even thinking about water sports in zero gravity, say, space tourists could dive after flying around large drops of water.

Are developed parallel versions of existing earth competitions, like table tennis, badminton and basketball. Enthusiasts even do not exclude that in the future the orbital stadium will host the Olympic Games. Why not?

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