The bodies of the Solar system.

Comet often appears to us as a star with a huge tail of fire. But few people know that this tail, it becomes only, when approaching the Sun. Because it is a heavenly body, heating the ice particles that make up the comet makes the fire produced gas and dust.

As already mentioned, the comet is a large lump of rocks, mixed with snow. Jokingly astronomers call them “dirty snowballs” because of their similarity. Actually ice, which is part of any comet, it is nothing like the frozen gas. To solve the mystery of the origin of the Solar system, several spacecraft have been sent to these heavenly bodies, to collect samples of the substance from which they are composed. After all, many scientists believe that comets were formed from the matter early, even before the appearance of the Solar system.

Also there is a theory that the Sun is his second, invisible part of man that attracts comets. After they all gather together, their weight overcomes the force of attraction of the Sun and the movement continues. This, of course, all comets burn. Hence the phenomenon of a meteor shower. This theory may explain the total disappearance of all comets occurring once in 100 million years.

Comets, like asteroids, may pose a threat to life on earth. After all, some of them are on trajectories very dangerous proximity to our planet. Don’t be the Earth’s atmosphere is so thick, its surface resembled the moon, which is literally covered with craters, from ever falling on her heavenly body.

But some cases when the comet reach the Earth, is still there. The proof of this is the Arizona crater that goes deep into the Earth 180 meters and its diameter is about a thousand kilometers. Supposedly, the dinosaurs became extinct because of the fall of a large meteorite. The likelihood of recurrence of such bitter experiences is small enough so as the science has leaped forward and as a result of astronomical calculations, much can be anticipated, and therefore avoided.

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