The largest planet

Astronomical parameters

The largest planet of the Solar System, the third brightest object night sky (after the moon and Venus). Is gazaille body, hard surface does not. Consists mostly of hydrogen and helium. Due to their size can be observed with the naked eye as a star of the first magnitude, but only for a short time in the morning or in the evening. The average distance from the Sun 778 million km conversion – 314.8 years 11 days.

Jupiter has 16 satellites: IO, Leda, Teba(Phoebe), Carme, ELARA, Ananke, Europe, Metis, Pasiphae, Sinope, hamalia, Ganymede, Lysithea, Amalthea, Callisto, and Andrastea. System his companions like a scaled-down model of the Solar system. The four major satellites (Ganymede, Callisto, IO and Europa) discovered by Galileo and are called the Galilean.

The sidereal period of rotation (mean solar days): 11.86 years

Orbit inclination: 1°18′

The maximum distance from Earth (astronomical units): 6.45

Minimum distance from Earth (astronomical units): 3.95

Mass (in Earth masses): 318

Radius (km): 71300

Albedo: 67%

Astrological significance

Symbol –

Circulation period: the period of transit of Jupiter through the zodiac circle is equal to 12 years, the passage of a Zodiac sign on the average for 1 year.

Properties: nature hot, wet, male, reasonable. Influencein the vast majority of cases benign, but may be weakened by unfavorable position in the sign or aspects from evil planets.

Domination: over the signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Planetary spirit – Zadkiel.

Places of power: Sagittarius (house), Pisces (house), Cancer (exaltation).

Weakness: Gemini, Virgo (the exile), Capricorn (fall).

Friendship with all but Mars.

Feud – with Mars.

Mythological significance . Many of the peoples of this planet was associated with the Supreme deity. Among the Greeks it was Zeus, and identified Jupiter the son of Saturn and Gaia, brother of Neptune and Pluto. He reigned on mount Olympus at the head of the congregation after they overthrow their father Saturn. In the mythology of the existence of a variety of Jupiter: the protector, the judge, and seeker of love-making. Sometimes shows arrogance and vanity.

Astrological significance . Jupiter – the planet of the patron, the Teachers, initiator into the mysteries of being; the planet creative power, happiness, luck, wisdom, wealth, influence, justice, friendliness and kindness. Protects the oppressed, brings together groups and appeasing the people. Jupiter symbolizes strength development, expansion of spheres of influence, leadership, social adaptation. Embodies the principle of self-respect and dignity. Related energy comes from the sign of Sagittarius, which he manages.

The positive side of existence to the influence of Jupiter – the ability to rise above the everyday, to find joy in physical tasks, the ability to support others in missionary service.

The negative side of existence – the arrogance, pride, haughtiness, snobbery.

In classical astrology considered the most beneficial planet and is the epithet “Great Happiness”.

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