The principle of operation

Obviously, enough people settled on the planet. Now he rushes into space to other planets, other worlds. Me some time ago, suddenly puzzled question that, maybe, the desire to space as it is genetically built into the human population. Give this thought to those who insist on the theory of extraterrestrial origin of life. Perhaps this is an argument in the dispute. Life originated in space and was for the planet entered, so man tends back. The truth is, other living creatures, tearing at the limits of Earthly comfort I do not know.

One way or another, but wanting to hit the road for a week not in Komarovo, and the ISS, among the millionaires abound. It is a pity that the station still more and to carry back only the tourists are not going. Today for money on the ISS managed to get only five people. The other fly to work. This is a troublesome thing – busy with tourists, but as it turned out very favorable.

Space, generally, requires a lot of money. Considering that not every person can afford to buy a car, it to deal with space transportation passengers can afford not every rich country. Probably, for this reason, we seek cheaper ways of delivering goods or passengers to low earth orbit.

In actual fact, the search process is not always moving. There is a very good reason to believe that in the near future space tourism will be part of everyday practice. What could inspire such optimism? Let’s look at it in more detail.

Actually, there is a working scheme, but terribly expensive – flight to the ISS. It is the only and proper way to feel like an astronaut. However, big business, feeling a good profit, builds your projects and have advanced in the implementation of their plans.

One of the ways to reduce the cost of space flight – reduce the height and flight distance. The idea is that the spacecraft will be on orbit. Rocket thrust device (and it has been many times demonstrated) to raise to a height of about 100 km and then the Earth’s gravitational pull will bring him back. The passenger has a few minutes to look through the window at the beauty of the Earth and feel weightlessness. Time it takes not too much, and it will cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but not 20 to 40 million

Such experiments have already been conducted and they ended quite successfully.

The company Scaled Composites LLC (USA) was made private manned suborbital spacecraft reusable SpaceShipOne (the space the Spike one) and 21 June 2004, he was first sent into space. In the same year 30 September in the classification of the Ansari X Prize competition the Shuttle SpaceShipOne climbed to an altitude of 100 km, and on 4 October, the second time, at 112 km Team won the contest and received $ 10 million. In fact, a condition of the competition the Ansari X Prize and was the conclusion in the space of a single apparatus within two weeks.

The flight itself passed by a rather interesting scheme. With the help of special aircraft the White Knight (white knight) the Shuttle was lifted to a height of 14 km would Then undock and enable rocket engines to the device itself. Within one minute of jet thrust engines in an almost vertical position output SpaceShipOne to a height of 50 km set speed enough that the Shuttle would, by inertia, rose to a height of 100 km, and Then decreased to 17 km where they laid the wings and tail. Later the ship moved like a normal glider. The flight path eventually took on a parabolic trajectory, almost reaching the orbital.

Of course the company Scaled Composites LLC (USA) did not stop there and have started to develop a new project SpaceShipTwo. The first ship called VSS Enterpise. It will accommodate 8 people and reach a height of from 130 to 300 km.

Full-size layout of the ship was demonstrated to the public on September 28, 2006. To bring the Shuttle to a height of about 20 km will have a special aircraft White Knight Two. The first commercial flight is expected in late 2009.

On 26 July 2007 during tests for SpaceShipTwo rocket explosion injured 3 people, two died on the spot. Despite the danger of such flights, the company already has more than a hundred applications. Risk is estimated as one-for-250, as is well known, in air flight it is one in two million.

The company’s plans do not change. In parallel, as it became known, the construction of the commercial spaceport. Rather the construction itself should begin in 2008, and while the company generously announce projects and design.

One such project of spaceport – Spaceport America. Magnificent building costing $31 million, will be built in new Mexico with the active participation of Virgin Galactic.

Two more spaceport is going to build the company Space Adventures. This is the company, with the assistance of which the space tourists visited the ISS. Space Adventures has contracted with “Roskosmos” on the development of the spacecraft Explorer – the suborbital spacecraft.

Mini Shuttle Explorer will consist of five jet Shuttle, earth orbit displayed on the aircraft carrier M-55 “Geophysica”. To build them will be the Russian pilot plant. Myasishchev, known as one of the developers of the Buran.

Now Space Adventures announced the construction of spaceports in the United Arab Emirates: an hour’s drive from Dubai, in the town of Ras Al-Khaimah, and Singapore. The cost of these ports will be, respectively, $265 and $115 million, while their running yet precisely known.

In fact, the list of companies willing to invest in space tourism much more.

Take, for example, an ambitious project of space hotel “Nautilus” owner of a hotel chain in Las Vegas Robert Bigelow. The first launch into orbit of the test modules have already been implemented by Russian carrier rockets from the spaceport is Clear, in the East of Orenburg region. The inflatable modules made of Kevlar. This material is known for bullet-proof vests. The wall thickness of the module 30 to 35 cm. In strength and resistance to collision with particles of the wall module according to some estimates even higher than the ISS. The project is Bigelow Aerospace and, according to the promises of the first tourists to visit the hotel already 2012. The ticket price will be around $8 million.

Another not less ambitious project is trying to develop the company Galactic Suite. The project is called “galactic Suite hotel room” and the cost of admission going to be $4 million, However, it is known, only its conceptual design options, but little is made in metal.

However, space hotel needs to reside on a stationary orbit. Hence the need of a ship that will bring travelers to the hotel. It is clear Shuttle “endeavour” will be too expensive, and other shuttles do not yet exist. Suborbital mini-Shuttle this task can not be performed. Well, maybe you’ll finally remember something about the development of NPO “Energy” called “clipper”.

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