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5 documentaries about space, which is a must-see after “Gravity”.

Of course, no one claims that the recent release with George Clooney and Sandra bullock is a scientific and educational films. However, in the film there are scenes that require clarification to fully appreciate the realism of the project, Alfonso Cuaron. To do this, we have found 5 documentaries that are not only fascinating but also relevant to the plot of “Gravity.”

“Hubble 3D”, 2010

At the beginning of “Gravity” Dr. Ryan stone, she is new to NASA, trust the repair of Hubble telescope. Learn how the Hubble looks real, how many people have access to it and what happens when damage to a spacecraft, from a picture of Tony Myers. The film “Hubble 3D” is a complete film magazine on a mission “Atlantis”, where the parts are shown in a professional kitchen around Sara and satellites. It is noteworthy that the astronaut Michael Massimino, who was in the space Shuttle Atlantis, is considered the prototype of Matt Kowalski, played by Clooney. The number of celebrities associated with the movie, not the end — in the original version of the film narration reads Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Richardgabriel: Mission possible”, 2010

It is impossible to remove accurate movie about Space and not to mention the domestic achievements in this field. In this case, the backdrop to the dramatic events was the station “Union”. To estimate the reliability of image Orbiter, is to look at the Odyssey of the millionaire Richard Garriott, who visited there, and on the ISS. The painting “Mission possible” is so interesting reveals secrets of stations and Star city that is still the sales leader among cosmotourist. In addition, the soundtrack won several music awards.

“Space tourists”, 2009

Space debris is not far-fetched reason for the catastrophe that happened to the passengers of the Shuttle in “Gravity”. Significant evidence of problems are documentary footage from the film “Space tourists”, where empty space is teeming with waste, and that does not fly in orbit, falling into the oceans or the Kazakh steppe. The rest of the documentary is a colourful guide about the joys of Space flight.

“When we left Earth: the NASA Mission”, 2008

The episode where the station falls into the pond and, along with Dr. stone and begins to sink, recalls the actual events of 1961. Then was made the emergency landing ship, Liberty Bell 7 on water and astronaut Gus Grissom nearly drowned in his spacesuit because the lightning was filled with water. In a mini-series for American TV about the incident-only series, which uses archival materials and comments of eyewitnesses.

“Space station 3D”, 2002

In “Gravity” has paid attention and most large-scale project in Earth orbit — the International space station. Unlike the current complex, cinematic ISS left for the same cause, cosmomare. Fortunately, the feature film “Space station” allows you to see the real work of the object, and even in 3D. Although the premiere it’s been almost 10 years, “COP” is still the highest grossing popular science film about Space. Perhaps “Gravity” can be considered a receiver — only in the artistic field and with Oscar in the future.

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